PER Decorators

PER Decorators is a professional, hard working family run business, who offer high class decorating services Nationwide. Phil, the proprietor started P.E.R. Decorators over 30 years ago, with the aim of providing true quality workmanship in every job they do and to always put the customer first. After completing his time served apprenticeship with a medium to large sized decorating company, Phil worked hard and gained valuable experience from the older and very knowledgeable decorators of the time. With a desire to one day start a decorating business of his own, Phil worked hard, mastered all the techniques, developed speed, and always delivered a high quality finish (achieved through proper preparation).

Phil's hard work, skills and desire to be the best put him in high demand, and soon had him working very long hours. Realising his dream of owning his own business then became a reality and P.E.R. Decorators was born. Phil's hard work and success encouraged all his children to work hard.