Most of the time whenever people think about home remodelling projects, they typically think about internal refurbishments like a new kitchen or bathroom, and the exterior of the homestays an overlooked and underappreciated area for improvement. Long-lasting changes to the value, character and functionality of your home can be created by something as simple as painting the exterior. If you’re wondering about the many benefits of an exterior paint job for your home then continue reading for more information.

1. It makes your house more attractive

If you wish to make your home look better from the outside, external painting is one of the most effective alternatives for you. You can have full control of the colours and design, allowing you to tailor the exterior painting to match your tastes. You'll experience a lot of satisfaction and pride any time you pull up to your newly decorated house. Ultimately, an exterior paint job may help you fall in love with your home again.

2. Avoiding Damage From Pests

Pest invasions like termites can be eliminated by a coating of fresh paint. A new coating of paint will work similarly to a protective outer casing. This makes it harder for creatures to uncover anywhere that they can burrow into the exterior siding. Not only does paint provide a layer of protection on the exterior surface, but it also helps to keep wood healthy. Decay in wood is predominantly brought on by water seeping in, so the sealed coating of paint helps to prevent this. Termites like wet and softwoods; hence protection against wood decay massively helps with stopping the invasion of these kinds of creatures.

3. Improvement in Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is how appealing your home appears to be from the outside. Since many people spend almost all their time in their properties, the exterior is often forgotten about. It takes on a huge role when selling your house however, so it really should not be ignored. Any time a would-be buyer shows up at your house, the exterior is the very first thing they observe. Depending on whether your house has curb appeal, this may be either a positive or a negative. No matter how great the inside is, an ugly exterior will leave most potential buyers with a bad initial perception which is often difficult to get over. Conversely, should you win over possible buyers with your home's curb appeal, you're much more likely to create a beneficial tone and make a good sale. Therefore, to improve your home's curb appeal and appeal to potential customers, you should think about exterior painting.

4. Defence against the elements

Your property usually takes a large amount of damage from the weather conditions. Your property may take a significant beating from the volatile and ever-transforming British climate, with each time of year offering its own individual challenges. When employed by a professional, external painting can help keep your home looking fresh and healthy. Paintworks as a cover from the elements and are developed to combat the damaging results of extreme weather. It can also help to prevent mould and mildew from showing up, as well as stopping damp and moisture from getting in. Aside from the practical advantages, it also simply helps to keep your property looking new and healthy regardless of the harshness of mother nature.

5. It Is a Cost-Effective Improvement

If you're looking for speedy, cost-effective renovations, you should take a look at the external painting. Most property improvement projects are very expensive and take too much time, which is why external painting is such a great choice. The typical cost for an experienced expert to paint the exterior of your house is just £800, and it can give lasting advantages for your house. This makes exterior painting the perfect option for a quick and inexpensive improvement to your house.

6. It increases the price of your property

You should consider external painting if you are wanting to improve the value of your house. Due to the higher costs, many big improvements to your property, such as a new bathroom or kitchen, do not provide a full return on your investment. With an average return of 141 Percent, exterior painting breaks this norm and allows you to bring in more money when selling your property. If you desire a speedy undertaking which will pay for itself, the exterior painting should be near the top of your list.


Painting the outside of your home is an excellent choice for homeowners since there aren't many renovations that offer the same benefits at such a low cost. If you are not currently thinking about painting the exterior of your home, right now is a great time to start. The wide-ranging advantages will offer you a unique answer to some of your home's problems. Using the services of a professional painter is crucial when you choose to paint your property. Additionally, try and find one with a great status in the area if you can, such as The Plymouth Decorators if you are in the Plymouth area. Despite the apparent simplicity, it is easy to make costly blunders and get a bad finish when you decide to go the do it yourself route.

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